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Digital Jamm Boxx DJ Service

              The very BEST for LESS!

DJ Ron 3.0 and DJ Daisy (Ron Auvil and Lisa Archer)

Ron Auvil and Lisa Archer are the operators of Digital Jamm Boxx DJ Service. The company has been providing services since October 1994 (originally known as R-n-J Jamz). They pride themselves on doing the best possible job to make sure your musical social event will be the very best it can be.They will work with you in every way possible when planning your event through unlimited telephone calls, emails, and/or personal meetings. They always do their best to make sure they give their customers the best service and the type of music they want to hear.

A lot of other DJ's provide similar services to ours with a large price. They also charge extra for special items such as lighting, fog, MC services, etc. This is not the case with us. We believe in providing the absolute best service possible at a lower cost to our customers. Give us a chance and we will show you why Digital Jamm Boxx DJ Service is the very BEST for LESS!

Photo by Whitney Oliver of Oliver's Twist Photography

Why us?

Because we strive to give the customer what THEY pay for! Each event is planned in accordance to the customer's specifications. Playlist will be painstakingly crafted to ensure your guests will have the time of their lives and your event will be a success. Call and book us today to see why we stand by our claim to be the very BEST for LESS!